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“Nkwashi gave us a wonderful tour. The Site Engineer was able to answer all our questions with openness, and the road network was impressive to see.” – Christine (Nkwashi Plot Owner)

For many plot owners and prospective clients, Nkwashi’s free shuttle service served as an opportunity to visit the 3,100 square meter development for the first time. It was eye-opening, to say the least, for the clients who did not know where their plots were until the free shuttle service was introduced.

Over a hundred clients have been to the site since the introduction of the service on Friday 15th July, 2016. Of the attendants, majority describe the tour as an enriching experience because they now realize the scope of work that is being put in to make Zambia’s premier satellite Town a reality. To guide the tour, Nkwashi’s site Engineer and Construction Overseers, are at hand to give detailed information to the sightseers. There is openness to the discussion and no questions are out of bounds because Nkwashi’s philosophy stands on transparency and trust.

In light of the latter, future residents did cite concern as to the Timeline of works happening on site. Our Site Engineer Mr. Aaron Mwiya reassures that Nkwashi is working to speed based on timeline, despite the past delay caused by waiting for ZEMA approval which required us to pause works for a brief period. Mr. Mwiya assured attendants that by this year’s end nearly every plot on Nkwashi will be beaconed.

The 3km trip away from Leopards Hill Road into the Nkwashi Estate provided by the company, also served as a community bonding experience among future Nkwashi residents – most of whom were meeting for the very first time.

Trips to the Nkwashi Development Site are still ongoing, and clients are encouraged to reserve a seat before the free shuttle service comes to a close in August 2016.

To reserve your seat, please call: +260 21 1268 915, 097 2 57 7234, 096 1 105655, 095 4 809717 or email:

You can also book online via